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Results for the Fall Classic 2017 season

Season: 9/11/2017 - 11/19/2017

19-Sep-2017 - 205 Live

Cedric Alexander 23 points, Akira Tozawa 20 points, Jack Gallagher 10 points, Drew Gulak 6 points, Enzo Amore 6 points more...

19-Sep-2017 - SmackDown

Charlotte Flair 36 points, Rusev 27 points, Randy Orton 22 points, Big E Langston 21 points, Kofi Kingston 21 points more...

18-Sep-2017 - Raw

Raw' s go home show for No Mercy adds the intercontinental title plus one more superstar too the Raw Women's championship. And R.I.P. to one of the best managers of all time "The Brain" Bobby Heenan more...

12-Sep-2017 - 205 Live

Rich Swann 23 points, Jack Gallagher 21 points, Cedric Alexander 15 points, T.J. Perkins 2 points, Drew Gulak 1 points more...

12-Sep-2017 - SmackDown

Big E Langston 66 points, Kofi Kingston 66 points, A.J. Styles 41 points, Natalya 41 points, Chad Gable 21 points more...

11-Sep-2017 - Raw

The official start to the DTB Survivor Series season is underway. more...

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