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205 Live 'Winning a Match' Points Adjustment Poll. Keep it 20, 15 or 10?

Posted by: goukijones Apr 20 (4 days ago) | 41 views | 4 comments

There has been some chatter about the point value for winning a match on 205 Live.  So, is winning a match on 205 Live the same as winning a match on Raw or Smackdown?

Some facts about DtB since we added 205 Live.

  • WrestleMania 2017 was the first season 205 Live was scored by DtB.
  • Only 8 Cruiserweights were in the top 50 for the season.
  • 2 were top 10.  Neville & Jack Gallagher.
  • The Cruiserweight Championship is worth 20/10 (winning/losing).  The least valued belt in the league.

IF the rule changed...

Winning a cruiserweight match on Raw or Smackdown will still be worth 20 Points.

*Results from the poll will not determine changing the rule.  We will consider the poll on our final decision. 

Please leave comments and discuss below.

Thank you.


Apr 20 (4 days ago) by goukijones

Should we change the points for winning a match on 205 Live?

Keep it at 20 points. — 88% (7 votes)


Just take 5, make it 15. — 13% (1 votes)


Show barely counts, it should be 10. — 0% (0 votes)


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