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DropTheBelt Fantasy Wrestling WrestleMania Season Starts 1-6-2014

Posted by: goukijones Jan 3, 2014 | 991 views | 2 comments

The Rock

The Rock

Wrestler Stats

5 Points this season
0 points last 30 days
Owned in 21.9 % of leagues
Page Views: 14649
Cheer 59 %Boo 41 %

You can join all season long!

The WrestleMania season starts on Monday, January 6th & runs thru WrestleMania XXX.

You can join a matchmade league & play against 5 other people from around the world.

You can create a league & play with your friends & family in the comfort of your own home. 

Enter for a chance to play in Choke's (DropTheBelt) WrestleManina Challenge to win a custom DTB Championship shirt.

You can also pre-order a DTB shirt. Deadline is January 7th, 2014. All proceeds go to the site.

We're still looking for volunteer scorekeepers. Please check out this story to apply.

Thank you for all of your support, good luck & have fun this season. 



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