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Trading and FAA in the DTB Online Fantasy Wrestling League

Posted by: goukijones Apr 10, 2011 | 2904 views | 8 comments

A quick explanation of trading and free agent acquisition for the DropTheBelt Online Fantasy Wrestling League.

Official Trade and FAA hours are 10:00 PM Friday to 4:00 PM (MST/AZ time) Sunday.

Trading between teams is managed by your league commissioner. Wrestlers can only switch teams during the valid trade hours. 

FAA or Free Agent Accusation allows you to trade between your roster and wrestlers that are not on any other team in your league. During the valid trade hours team owners will be able to pick-up any wrestler -not on another team- by using the trade button on your roster. You will automatically be taken to a page where you will select a free agent. This system is first come first served.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

[UPDATED] May 4, 2012 11:18:10 PM

May 4, 2012 by BatRastered

Starting with the Summer Slam 2012 season (May 7 - Aug 19) you will be able to place a trade into a queue during the time the trade window is closed. The queue will process in order of the last place team in your league first, then by order of pickups and finally first-come-first-served. You can cancel a pending trade from the list on your team's page. The queue will be processed each week after Smackdown scoring is entered. After the queue is processed, the @DropTheBelt twitter will let you know that the general trade window is now open until the next RAW or PPV starts. Be sure to follow @DropTheBelt to stay on top of your league!


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