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Fantasy Wrestling Results for 205 Live 5/28/2019

Rule Book

Highlights: Humberto Carrillo 24 points, Mike Kanellis 20 points, Noam Dar 20 points, Drake Maverick 5 points, Maria Kanellis 5 points



  1. Mike Kanellis 20 points Singles Match Win vs Brian Kendrick 0 points
  2. Noam Dar 15 points Squash Match Win vs Jimmy Jobber 0 points
  3. Humberto Carrillo 20 points Singles Match Win vs Jack Gallagher 0 points

Bonus Points

  1. Brian Kendrick receives 3 points for Show Opener.
  2. Maria Kanellis receives 2 points for Accompanying to the ring.
  3. Maria Kanellis receives 3 points for Interference.
  4. Noam Dar receives 5 points for Interview.
  5. Drake Maverick receives 5 points for Interview.
  6. Humberto Carrillo receives 4 points for Fade to Black.

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