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Catchup! Fantasy Impact for the previous SD, MITB, and RAW

Posted by: choke Jul 18, 2012 | 1065 views | 5 comments

Who's rising, who's falling after the last 3 shows (Smackdown 7/13/2012, Money in the Bank 7/15/2012, and Raw 7/16/2012) ?

Extremely disappointed in all three shows.  Some good action but storyline wise I think the WWE is in a giant rut.   Long title reigns can be exciting, but not when it's EVERY SINGLE BELT ON THE ROSTER.   I don't get it.  At this rate I'm expecting at least 3 title changes at Summerslam.

Smackdown 7/13/2012 - This was an especially bad show considering it was leading into what is usually one of the more exciting PPVs the WWE has.  Glad we're getting Ryback squashing actual WWE Roster superstars, liked how quickly Sandow dispatched of Gabriel, hated that Darren Young lost to Primo before their Tag Title Match.  Show, Del Rio, and Sheamus continued to look strong

Money in the Bank 7/15/2012 - Match of the night was the Smackdown MITB and loved Ziggler winning that one.  Thought just about everything else was awful.  No closure on the AJ/Punk/Bryan and yet another retention, predictable result for the Sheamus/Del Rio, Layla picks up a meaningless win and still no feud to escalate, Ryback MAKES! ME! SNORE!   and Cena?  REALLY?  

Raw 7/16/2012 - It was probably better in person when we experienced it (beers helped), but looking back over the results it was very uneventful other than the Mysterio return and the Daniel Bryan/AJ engagement.  Excited to see a Ziggler/Y2J feud though.

1.  Ziggler - He needed that MITB win so much, and the crowd is starting to turn pro Ziggler more and more every day, and he still has one of the top 2-3 heels in the business in his corner!  That's impressive.
2.  Mysterio - No brainer.   He should climb the ladder fast with his popularity
3.  The Miz - Not a fan with what they've done with him in his return so far, but when they start plugging that Marine movie, I expect him to be high up the chain of superstars

1.  Prime Time Players - Just the most asinine booking decision ever.  With how much time they built up that #1 contender shot and the AW turn plus just the fact that they're flat out entertaining.   I hope AW does something on a future show to get them a rematch, and soon
2.  Tyson Kidd - Probably too harsh, and I could be wrong, but I just dont see him getting some sort of huge push from this point forth
3.  Every single Diva that isn't AJ - Okay maybe Eve and Layla are okay too, but yeah, the WWE has passed this division by for the time being.


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