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Choke's Elimination Chamber Predictions and Fantasy Preview

Posted by: choke Feb 17, 2013 | 1004 views | 1 comments

My predictions for tonight's Elimination Chamber PPV (BONUS WRESTLEMANIA CARD PREDICTIONS!)

First off, I'll say that I'm fairly confident I know all of the winners for tonight based upon looking at sportsbooks' odds for the show.   That being said, I am NOT going to utilize any of this info in this preview.  My predictions are throwing all of those out of the window.  

Decent card for tonight's show, but I fear we just retain status quo which is the norm for this Post-Rumble Pre-Mania stopgap.   Let's get right to it

Pre-show:   Brodus Clay/Tensai vs Rhodes Scholars
This match angers me as it seems as though they're probably reuniting one of the better tag teams of recent memory in Rhodes Scholars for a one-night only squash match against the new Comedy team flavor of the month for the WWE of Clay and Tensai.   I have to admit I think the new team works on some level but fear it will get old so quickly.  Either way, I see no reason for the WWE to give Rhodes Scholars the win here now that they're broken up, unless they change their mind and decide to reunite.

Who should win (based on storyline, not talent):   Clay/Tensai
Who will win:  Clay/Tensai

Antonio Cesaro vs the Miz for the US Championship
I saw something today that made me doubt my initial thought of Cesaro retaining here.  Someone on twitter mentioned that the Miz's Marine movie would be out on March 5th.   hmmmm.  I don't think Miz's work as a face both in and out of the ring warrant him getting the title, but WWE loves to plug those DVDs of theirs, so I fear they will end the excellent run Cesaro has put together just to put over their "movie star" 

Who should win:  Cesaro
Who will win:  Miz (very close for me, I could see it either way)

Tamina Snuka vs Kaitlyn for the Divas Championship
The WWE hasn't done anything with the Divas division since Eve left to make anyone care about this match.  Tamina was basically non-existent on WWE television until last week when announced as having a title shot.  Okay.  Kaitlyn is over with the females in the crowd, and I just see no reason for them to have her drop the belt to Tamina in this spot.  I see no reason for this match to exist period really.

Who should win:  Kaitlyn
Who will win:  Kaitlyn

Elimination Chamber for the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship:  Daniel Bryan, Kane, Jack Swagger, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Mark Henry
First and foremost, I don't think Kane or Bryan have any chance of winning here.  In fact they will probably eliminate each other to ensure that we get to watch another 8 years of their bickering because that's what the WWE universe demands.  Of the remaining 4, here's how I like their chances

4th: Randy Orton.   I can't believe I'm putting him as having less a chance than Swagger, but storyline wise it simply doesn't make much sense to have Orton go over here, especially considering that I don't give Big Show any shot to walk out of tonight's show with the title.   Perhaps if he pulls that upset, they'll force a Show/Orton feud onto us for Mania, but that's like predicting the Jags and Lions will meet in next year's Super Bowl
3rd:  Swagger:  I don't like Swagger's odds of returning and then being thrust into a World Heavyweight title match at Mania, but with them turning his all-american gimmick into one against immigrants, the storyline sort of writes itself against Del Rio who has to be the favorite to retain tonight.  It's still tough for me to see it happening so quickly.  Would Swagger vs Del Rio really help sell Mania?!
2nd:  Chris Jericho:   This only makes sense to me if Ziggler cashes in tonight, but with no Ziggler match tonight perhaps that's a sign?   If Ziggler successfully cashes in, since Jericho is his current feud it could make sense that Jericho is involved in the World title hunt for Mania
1st:  Mark Henry:   Like Swagger, he just returned weeks ago and is already in a prime position to possibly compete for a major championship.  Unlike Swagger, he has that fearsome and monstrous quality that demands it.  If Del Rio retains and Ziggler doesn't cash in, Henry to me makes the most sense for a worthy Wrestlemania match.  

Who should win:  Henry (or Jericho if Ziggler cashes)
Who will win:   Henry (or Jericho if Ziggler cashes)

John Cena/Sheamus/Ryback vs the Shield 
I both love and hate the potential in this match.   I loved the Shield's match against Ryback and Hell No 2 months ago, with everyone involved taking some brutal shots.  I think the WWE should further give the Shield a push here by having them somehow take out the Trifecta of Markdom.   Hell, maybe bring in a 4th member to help get the job done.  Then reality sinks in, and I realize the WWE will almost certainly send the 5 year olds in the crowd home happy hoisting up their foam fingers and chanting feed me more on their way to McDonalds.   I need to stop watching this shit.

Who should win:  The Shield.   FOR JUSTICE
Who will win:   Marky Mark and the Marked out Marks

Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship
I hope this is the end of the road for this feud.  From seeing and hearing others speak on the WWE as of late, I think I'm in the minority when I say I've absolutely hated Del Rio's reign so far as a face champion.   I think he's a great wrestler, but these promos against Show have been dull and uninspired to me.  Maybe a new feud will re-ignite things for me.   The REAL drama behind this match is whether or not we finally get a Ziggler MITB cash in.  Leading the evidence supporting this is the fact that Ziggler otherwise doesn't have a match tonight.  That's all I need to think (okay, HOPE) that we see it happen.   Plus I like predicting it to happen every month anyhow, even if Ziggler was in a hospital in Russia with 2 broken legs I'd probably still predict it.   So take it with a grain of salt.   I also could see Show having a slight chance of winning the title and then Ziggler cashing it in, setting up a Show/Del Rio/Ziggler/Elimination Chamber winner (Jericho) 4 way dance at Mania.   

Who should win:   Del Rio, then Ziggler
Who will win:   Del Rio, then Ziggler

CM Punk vs the Rock for the WWE Championship
I explained this in my Rumble Predictions, but I just don't think the Rock/Cena match needs to be for the title.  The card would be much more intriguing with Cena/Rock as just a straight up rematch, and then Punk vs Ryback, Sheamus, Jericho, ANYONE for the WWE title.   But alas, it just doesn't seem likely.  Punk will probably lose, and the nightmare that is the current state of the WWE will continue (just give us that Ziggler cash in, please!!!   Smarts need love too!)

Who should win:  CM Punk
Who will win:  the Rock

My Pre-Elimination Chamber Wrestlemania Card prediction:

Rock vs Cena for the WWE title
Ziggler vs Del Rio vs Show vs Jericho for the World Heavyweight title
Brock Lesnar vs HHH
The Shield vs Hell No for the WWE Tag Team Championship
Jack Swagger vs Miz vs Cesaro in a triple threat match for the US title
Bo Dallas vs Wade Barrett for the IC title
Mark Henry vs Orton for the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship
Kaitlyn and (insert random female celeb) vs Tamina and Vickie Guerrero or 3MB vs Clay/Tensai/(insert random male celeb)
then something with Sheamus and Ryback and Punk.    god, I have no idea what I'm even talking about anymore.


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