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Choke's Fantasy Wrapup: Smackdown, HIAC, RAW 10/26 - 10/29/12

Posted by: choke Oct 30, 2012 | 1010 views | 3 comments

Who's rising, who's falling after the week of action?

Smackdown was a ho-hum setup show for HIAC.  With only 5 matches (and one featuring Yoshi Tatsu) stretched out over the 2 hours.   Not a good ratio of wrestling to bullshit.  Aksana made her on-screen return and was thrust right into the Divas division as I predicted several weeks ago.  Other than that it was business as usual.   Yawn.

Hell in a Cell was disappointing to me.  I still don't get the Ryback hype.  Do we really want a return to big guys who absolutely don't do shit in the ring winning?  If you like him, you must.  At least Sheamus seems athletic.  Ryback is just strong.   Great.  Glad to see Punk retain, but not looking forward to months of the annoying feed me more chant.  PS:  Feed me Punk is even worse.   Bordering close on rejected porn titles.  Team Hell No retaining was also disappointing, though I guess they're really over.   I'm bored though, I'd rather see Bryan split out to do his own thing and Kane to retire. Orton and Cesaro won in shocking upsets, and we got to see a worthless Sin Mysterio match against PTP who just got crushed the very next night by Hell No.  Wrestling 101 kids.  No real surprises except the Big Show victory, which even though I'm not a huge fan of his in-ring work, at least it was something unexpected.  Eve continues to be the surprise story of the season.   Nice win for her and do you see her losing the title anytime soon?   Sure it's possible, but not obvious.

The follow up to the PPV was also disappointing to me.  Seriously, JTG?  Then PTP and Barrett pick up losses they didnt need, Orton and Hell No with wins they dont need, and the circle of wrestling life continues dully on.  Biggest bright spot was 3MB, with a legitimately funny promo, and the return of AJ to the ring.  Will we be seeing her go for the Divas belt in the next few months?  Curious to see where they go with this....

1.  R Truth - Out of nowhere with a new feud against Cesaro.  I know in my main league he was dropped like a rock weeks ago, but he has a legitimate chance to beat Cesaro for the title (please no!), and should pick up some wins as a result.    I hate the WWE for making me want to pick this guy up again
2.  AJ Lee - Back in ring action is the best thing for her.  Even with Vickie messing with her you still gotta think she'll get some wins out of this and maybe even against Vickie which I've been predicting for months...
3.  3MB - I probably said I'd not put them in rising anymore.  But when they disappeared for the last week, I was worried.  They come back with a hysterical promo and a nice team win.   And is there anyone more unlikeable than any of these three guys separately?  The WWE is onto something amazing here.  

1.  Survivor Series participants - This is assuming they dont get singles matches out of the PPV also.  Clearly Ryback/Punk will probably end up being the final 2, or I could see Ryback needing to fend off the entire heel team, but if they DON'T get matches outside of the SS match, then this is a big point fail for most of them, particularly Sandow/Rhodes if they dont get a tag title match, Hell No for not being able to get retain points, and Miz/Kofi.   Maybe they'll add a thing where if a champ gets pinned by their arch rival they lose the titles to them.   Okay probably not.
2.  Beth Phoenix - Well at least it's "official" now
3.  Ziggler - Ridiculous usage of him lately.  No matches, doesnt cash in the case when he said he would, didnt even threaten to, and I mean I know they seem to be heading towards Cena/Ziggler soon, but I don't see that leading to many points for him.   He really needs to cash this thing in already.




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