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Choke's WWE Raw Rant and Smackdown Preview 5/20/2013 - 5/24/2013

Posted by: choke May 23, 2013 | 1206 views | 2 comments

I talk about this week's WWE happenings and preview this Friday's Smackdown (no match result spoilers)

Interesting RAW.   Should have ended up being more newsworthy than it actually ended up being though IMO.   Payback looks like it'll mostly be a rehash of what we saw at Extreme Rules for the most part, hopefully with Ziggler added, Triple H subtracted, and probably Miz vs Barrett for the title.   Are you excited yet?

Smackdown Preview (no match result spoilers)

1.  MizTV with Fandango (is it me or are there about 100 people who could/should be involved in feuds for Barrett's IC belt?   At this point half of the WWE has beaten Barrett in non-title matches or is feuding with one of the people who has.  I'm assuming Barrett and Jericho get some interaction here.  4 way dance for the IC Belt at Payback?   Mark it dude (then tell me I was wrong when it doesnt happen, but come on, seems logical.

2.  Barrett vs Miz for the IC belt -  OH.    I like Miz to win this belt back within the next month or two.   Don't think it happens here though.  Probably will result in schmozz 

3.  Jack Swagger vs Daniel Bryan - Daniel Bryan in singles action is never a bad thing.   Tough one to call but I'd think Swagger gets the win.  Bryan still has unresolved storyline with Shield/Kane.  Swagger needs it more

4.  Damien Sandow in-ring promo/show - Most exciting thing listed here.   

5.  Big Show vs Chris Jericho - Hmmmm, maybe Jericho is done with the Fandango feud?  Are will we get more interference here?   I guess it's hard to picture either going over clean.

6.  Curtis Axel vs Sin Cara -  If Sin Cara wins this was all a (successful) troll attempt by the WWE.   God I wish I was in last place so I could trade Cameron ( :(  )  for Axel   haha

7.  Dean Ambrose vs Kofi for the US title - I was shocked that Kofi lost this last Sunday, but I'll be even more shocked if he gains it back so soon.   Will we see interference from the rest of the Shield and Kane/Bryan to make a rematch of the 6 man?   Yes I'm basically calling for Schmozz in every match except the Axel squash.    

1.  McCurtis McAxel - If you're in last and you're not synching up a trade for him, you don't understand this game. 
2.  Big E Langston - I mean they had him go over "clean" against Bertie on Monday.   Even though they gave Del Rio the win back on Main Event, I dont care, I think they have something big planned for him
3.  AJ Lee - I'd bet HEAVILY she has the Divas championship by Summerslam.  Where else can they go with it?

1.  Tons of Funk:   I'm sure this means they will be on next week's Raw and get 500 points each, but they sort of seem like an afterthought now.   I do still like their potential for the season, just not NEARLY as much as I did before.
2.  Cameron/Naomi / Bellas - Again, I still kinda like their potential, but they've been sort of an afterthought.  Plus with the AJ push finally happening, I don't like any of these 4's chances for the title anytime soon
3.  CM Punk - I'd still grab him if I had a really bad point getter on my team or I was desperate, but there's not even a hint at his return, so it looks like people may have been right with the Summerslam prediction for him.   At earliest I'd think MITB?

[UPDATED] May 24, 2013 3:40:52 PM

May 24, 2013 by choke

Realized at a very random moment while driving today that I forgot to include Mark Henry on my list of Falling.   Well, he belongs there for sure unless his whole "Going home" remark on the post show of Extreme Rules was a work.

Add that comment to the fact that he was HEAVILY favored at 5Dimes Sportsbook to win against Sheamus and ended up losing (due to an injury?) and there's a very good chance he'll be off TV (again?!) for a while.

I'd still hold him for the time being, but how long do you give him if he's not on TV for the next several weeks, or even months?





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