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Choke's Survivor Series Predictions & Fantasy Analysis:

Posted by: choke Nov 18, 2012 | 942 views | 0 comments

My predictions for tonight's PPV with some fantasy implications

So far only 5 matches announced on the main show.  I've included my predictions on some extra matches at the end

Pre-show (not scored):  3MB vs Kidd/Gabriel
The WWE seems to be intent on giving Slater and his boys a chance (which I'm happy about), and I think they'll go over on Kidd/Gabriel.  That being said, I wouldn't be completely surprised to see Kidd/Gabriel get the victory as they've each had moments where they seemed poised to break out over the last few years.
Prediction:  3MB win
Fantasy impact:    I think for the next season 3MB will be a solid middle to late round pick, and Kidd/Gabriel will be worth VERY late round picks.

Antonio Cesaro vs R-Truth for the US Championship
This feud was quickly thrown together a few weeks back and the buildup hasn't been too strong.  It'd be a huge mistake IMO for the WWE to take the belt off of Cesaro at this point.  He needs legitimate victories and this would be a good step towards that with a retention.
Prediction:  Cesaro retains
Fantasy impact:    If Cesaro does retain he'll be a solid early round pick next season, and Truth will stay a solid middle round pick.

Eve vs Kaitlyn for the Divas Championship
The divas division doesn't make much sense, along with much of the WWE, right now.  When are we going to find out officially who attacked Kaitlyn?   Will we care?  I hope they have a decent payoff in mind, though I'm not holding my breath.  I think we'll see Eve retain via outside interference from Layla or Aksana. 
Prediction:  Eve retains via DQ or by cheating
Fantasy Impact:   It's tough to predict what will happen in this division and as such I wouldn't recommend picking up any divas extremely early.  Particularly Eve/Layla/Kaitlyn as it seems as any of these three can win the belt at any time.

Big Show vs Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship
I liked the decision to finally take the belt off of Sheamus last month, but so far I haven't been impressed with the resulting buildup to this rematch.  It's hard for me to imagine a scenario in which the WWE takes the belt off of Show after just one month.   I think Show retains the belt and the feud continues for another 6 months.
Prediction:  Big Show retains
Fantasy Impact:  Sheamus always has to be considered a solid first round pick even without the title.  Big Show with the title would also warrant an extremely high pick, though I wouldn't bank on him holding it through Wrestlemania

Team Foley vs Team Ziggler in a traditional Survivor Series match.  
The WWE tried very hard to sell this match and all the mini-storylines within.   Maybe it worked on you, it certainly didn't work for me.  If anything it just annoys me more and more whenever I think how the IC and Tag Belts are being wasted here instead of being defended on one of the flagship shows of the company.  That being said, there will be a lot of great in-ring talents on display during the match so hopefully it pays off in that respect.  This is angering me as I type it, but unfortunately I think we'll end up seeing Orton as a sole survivor after finishing off Barrett or Ziggler in the end.  
Prediction:   Orton is the sole survivor of the match by defeating Ziggler or Barrett at the end
Fantasy Impact:   Every single superstar in this match is worth a relatively high pick for next season.   Orton is always a contender to be involved in the championship hunt, and Ziggler still has the MITB to cash in with decent odds that he'll be successful.  You basically can't go wrong with anyone here.

CM Punk vs John Cena vs Ryback
As much as I absolutely loathe Ryback and his quick ascension up the ranks, I do have to admit that I do enjoy the storyline that has developed in the sense that I have NO CLUE what will happen.  I don't like Cena's chances because of the AJ/Vickie/Dolph storyline they have him embroiled in.   I think there's a slight chance they will give the belt to Ryback (and I will riot!   well mentally), but I think the likely scenario is CM Punk to retain via some sort of interference or shady tactic.   I think he'll pin Cena not Ryback if that counts for anything
Prediction:   CM Punk retains by pinning John Cena
Fantasy Impact:  All three are monsters in fantasy usually, though Cena has taken a backseat this season to many others.  I do expect him to rebound during Wrestlemania season.   

Other matches:   
I'm fairly certain we'll see some sort of PTP vs Sin Cara/Mysterio match, and maybe even a 4 team tag match with CoBro and Epico/Primo involved.  If that happens I like PTP to go over.   Since so many other superstars are involved in the Survivor Series match, it's hard to see much else as a possibility.   I could see some involvement with Khali or Brodus Clay, maybe even together dancing with the kids.    If that happens I predict a shot of Jameson whiskey and some beer.   Maybe a run in by a piss break.



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