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Choke's WWE RAW Rant 11/03/2014: Rusev wins the US Championship! (and no points were awarded)

Posted by: choke Nov 5, 2014 | 917 views | 5 comments

In possibly the most controversial situation we've experienced on DroptheBelt since something happened with Tensai (who?) during the 2012 Survivor Series season (this site has been around that long?!), Rusev beat Sheamus live on the WWE Network, and fortunately for those of us who do not have Rusev on our teams, no points were given out due to the precedent being set earlier in the season that things that happen outside of the Raw or Smackdown TV broadcast don't count.

This is not to say that they SHOULDN'T count, and rest assured in the offseason the DroptheBelt staff will probably have a heated debate about what should and shouldn't count for the next season as it pertains to the WWE Network, Raw Backstage Pass, etc.  

As for the rest of RAW, I thought it was a good show.   Particularly the beginning and end.   It's hard for me to complain about a show with Ambrose vs Cesaro, Rollins vs Ziggler with a title on the line, and some decent storytelling with the Rollins/Orton finish.   Is the WWE trying to kill Rollins?   It seems like he's wrestling twice as much as anyone else on the roster these days.   I can't complain points-wise.

I forgot to do my Rising/Falling Trade window story last week, so hopefully you all didn't rush out and get Bo Dallas as a result.

Here's what it would have likely consisted of:


1. Ryback:  It feels like 2012 again, with Ryback just cruising through matches and getting easy points.    Don't see this one stopping anytime soon

2.  Nikki Bella:   So my prediction about Fox possibly winning the Divas #1 contender spot was incorrect.   Nikki was my 2nd choice though!   She should get a lot of wins leading up to the match, and has a slight chance to win the title, though I do think it's SLIGHT.

3.  Tyson Kidd:  He's seemingly working his way onto the main roster for RAW/Smackdown.   Has picked up some wins on Main Event recently too.   Definitely worth a look for your anchor position on your team


1.  Bo Dallas:   Out 6-8 weeks with an injury.   Not that the WWE were doing anything worthwhile with him anyway.   

2.  Sheamus:  You lose a belt, you have to show up here.   Obviously not worth dropping, but him losing to Tyson Kidd via DQ on Raw may have been a sign at his next feud after Rusev, and could be a sign that he won't win it back in the rematch, not that we thought he would.

3.  Brie Bella:  At least for this month, she won't be getting many solo matches, and even the ones she gets, she probably wont win them due to Nikki.



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