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Choke's WWE RAW Rant 11/17/2014: Rowan returns with a twist, Sheamus out of Survivor Series?

Posted by: choke Nov 19, 2014 | 1175 views | 3 comments

Thoroughly enjoyable episode of Raw in my opinion.   They've done a good job making Ryback look like a monstrous force and one necessary for Team Cena to win, and the way the rest of the team got laid out during the episode was great.   I'm blown away that Sheamus is out of the match.   Is he really hurt?  Is this all a giant swerve for him to run out and maybe turn heel to help the Authority win?   It adds more intrigue to the match which is always a good thing, as now we have Orton, Sheamus, and maybe even Reigns who could be returning to swing the match one way or the other.  Loved Harper winning the IC belt and the way they did the match with the odds stacked against Dolph was done really well.   Enjoyed the Wyatt and Ambrose promos (glad they got away from Ambrose being too silly like he was against Rollins in the last feud).   I dig the 4 team tag title match which was added to the PPV as it makes sense considering they haven't built a strong case for any one team to get the title shot.   Last but not least, Brie Bella as AJ Lee!  and AJ Lee as AJ Lee!   They need to do a segment where every Diva comes out at some point dressed like AJ Lee.   Okay, I uh, need to go now.

I'll be back with a Smackdown Preview soon!



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