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Choke's WWE Raw Rant and Smackdown Preview 6/24/2013 - 6/28/2013

Posted by: choke Jun 26, 2013 | 836 views | 5 comments

A review of what happened at on RAW, and a preview of this week's Smackdown (no match result spoilers)

Thought it was a solid episode of RAW.   I think the WWE is finally learning how to space out a 3 hour episode as to not have too many boring parts.   I'm enjoying the Bryan/Orton storyline somewhat, though I hope the payoff is sooner than later.   The Punk/Lesnar/Axel/Heyman stuff is great, and of course I'm digging the Ziggler/Y2J/Del Rio Trio.  Didn't really need to see Ryback vs Khali though it looks like they're just shoving him down to the middle of the ladder and having him climb back up slowly but surely.   Not sure why they bothered burying the Usos last week on Main Event only to give them a title shot on RAW.   The WWE title MITB match looks like it will be amazing.

Smackdown looks absolutely terrible this week.   I already spoiled what was probably going to be the best part in the reveal of who is in the World Title MITB match.  

Here's what's happening Friday (no match result spoilers)

1.  Sheamus vs Sandow in a Dublin Street Fight:   I mean at some point Sandow has to go over again right?  Unless this is the absolute end to the feud which I guess I could see, with Sheamus naturally triumphant.   Since he's in the WWE MITB match, it doesnt make sense to extend this beyond the PPV.   So yeah, I'll go with a Sheamus wins and this ends the seemingly never-ending feud between these two.

2.  AJ Lee vs Natalya:   I'm assuming this is non-title.   Clearly we'll see Kaitlyn, but to what effect?   I'll guess Kaitlyn runs out and attacks AJ, costing Natalya the match, and in a fit of blind rage Kaitlyn beats the crap out of Natalya after for getting in her way or questioning what she's doing.   Either way, no way Natalya wins clean.   AJ either makes her tap or we get Kaitln schmozz

3.  MizTV with Curtis Axel:  To further set up an IC match between these two at MITB.   this HAS to happen considering the MITB participants

4.  Randy Orton vs Kane:  Well Bryan won clean on RAW, so I'm assuming Orton wins clean against Bryan's partner?  Not really sure what the story will be here though.   Will Bryan cost Kane the match in some weird way?   Will Orton go crazy on Kane?    They're both in MITB along with Bryan, so any sort of result to just lead into an angle for that match would work.   I'll go with Orton going over on Kanel then Bryan coming out to help Kane against a crazed Viper Orton.   (probably too early for that prediction though in all honesty)

5.  Ryback vs Justin Gabriel:   GABRIEL IN A SQUASH.    Okay no seriously, easiest call of the night, Ryback goes over quickly on Gabriel.   Not sure if we'll see any sort of Y2J interaction, maybe he'll be at ringside?  I don't see him causing anything to happen though with the result

6.  Alberto Del Rio's fiesta:   Surely we'll get Dolph ruining the party here. 

That's it?!   Seems completely lackluster.  Someone explain to me why I just spent $400 on tickets to a Smackdown we're getting here in Vegas in August?    UGH


1.  The Usos:  I mentioned them a few times in my previews this season on the Rising list, and finally what I had thought was going to happen then happened, they locked up a #1 contender spot for the tags.   Here's the thing, I dont think they have a chance in hell of winning at MITB, but in order to establish the idea that they can win, they will need to have them get some victories in the next 3 weeks I'd imagine.  Now after they lose, I dont have much hope for their points potential, but until then...

2.  Any of the Smackdown MITB match participants:  I wont spoil them here, but if you have the chance to grab any that might be undrafted (I'll assume all the WWE Title ones are taken in every league), it's worth a shot

3.  Ryback:  I was wondering what they'd do with him following Payback, and if I had him on my league I'd be happy with the result.   He gets Khali on RAW and now Justin Gabriel Friday?   Easy pickens.  Jericho has a shot to win at the PPV, but I expect him to get easy squash wins from now til then just like the old days.   Sheamus 2.0


1.  Tons of Funk:   At least until MITB, what do they do with these guys now?    I'd actually consider dropping them, as crazy as that would have sounded a month ago.   Then again there might not be any better options in your league

2.  Big E Langston:  Another I'm considering dropping.   No MITB match, no matches period lately.  He's just AJ's lackey at the moment.   Not sure what they're doing with him, but he's been severely disappointing since the Del Rio win

3.  Bellas/Funkadactyls:  I liked their potential from the E! show debuting next month, but at this point they havent been involved in any storylines for weeks and I dont see how they interject themselves into Kaitlyn/AJ.   The divas tag teams just seem to be an afterthought at the moment.   Then again come july.....


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