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DropTheBelt 2014 & 2015 Season & Rule Update Log

Posted by: goukijones Aug 26, 2014 | 1707 views | 66 comments

Thank you to the entire DTB Galaxy for playing along with us! is now over 50k page views a month. Thank you for the support. We're glad you are enjoying our fantasy wrestling game.

Upcoming Seasons:

  • New Fall Classic 2014       9/22/2014   12/14/2014     84 days
  • WrestleMania 31                1/5/2015        3/29/2015     84 days

If anyone has any suggestions for rule changes or new rules, feel free to start a conversation below in the comments section.

We will announce the SummerSlam 2015 dates when we have more info.
List of upcoming shows:

Thanks for playing! Any questions or comments? Please leave it below. 


Aug 30, 2014 by BatRastered

How should we set up Match Made leagues in the future?

6 teams of 5 (30 wrestlers), Classic — 26% (5 votes)


5 teams of 6 (30 wrestlers), Remix for more fair drafts and shorter queues — 74% (14 votes)


6 teams of 4 (24 wrestlers), Cut down team size for more active FA. — 0% (0 votes)


4 teams of 6 (24 wrestlers), Cut down league size for more active FA and shorter queues. — 0% (0 votes)


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