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Hell in a Cell 2010 results

Posted by: fnjimmy Oct 3, 2010 | 1431 views | 7 comments

PPV results

Well at least they didn't announce that every match was in the cell, so here's what happened:

Daniel Bryan defeats John Morrison and The Miz,

Randy Orton retained the WWE Championship this was the 2nd match of the night which tells you how not important the title is at this point,

Edge defeats Jack Swagger possibly to later on face Alberto Del Rio since Edge interfered in his talk time,

Natalaya defeats McCool via disqualification,

This is the best result of the night Wade Barrett defeats John Cena. Now Cena is part of Nexus but I could not tell who the outsiders that help Barrett are but the best part was the look on some of the fans they could not believe what happen some laughed and others cried.

Finally the main event Kane defeats Undertaker to retain the World Heavyweight Championship thanks to Paul Bearer once again betraying Undertaker. All in all if you paid to see this ppv, dumb, not worth that much, to be honest I'll wait till Survivor Series before I pay for another WWE PPV.


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