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Kevin Nash Don't Give A Fuck!

Posted by: goukijones Mar 1, 2011 | 2574 views | 2 comments

During the Miami Comic Con we had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Nash AKA Big Daddy Cool AKA Super Shredder. What we didn't expect was a huge wall blocking access to the man that required cash to get by. A lot of cash.

Kevin Nash was at the Miami Comic Con 2011. What a great opportunity to speak to him about his new contract with the WWE and who may want to face at Wrestlemania if he had a match. Maybe get a video ID or some photos with him as well. Sure that was the plan, but Kevin Douche -I mean Nash- wouldn't even give me the time of day unless I paid $25 for an autograph or $40 for two. Which I didn't budget to have to pay to get interviews considering I was a member of the press attending the con. $25 a picture, $20 with my own camera. Maybe I should have realized something was up when Kevin didn't even show for the red carpet.

So this was a huge let down for me, I've been a fan of Kevin Nash ever since his debut in the WWE many, many years ago. I remember where I was when NWO took over WCW for the very first time. So fair warning to everyone out there hoping to meet a celebrity or someone you may admire, bring cash or be ready for a huge let down.

Kevin Nash Don't Give A Fuck!

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Not saying here that all celebrities/wrestlers are total Jimmys. I've met plenty, when I met Hulk Hogan he spoke to me like we were friends for a long time. When I met Kurt Angle, I totally marked out telling him I loved him and all sorts of weird shit and he was cool. Now I'll just be more prepared, it can go either way I guess. Thanks for reading and thanks for watching. Please leave some comments.


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