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Matchmaking is now live! Join a league of 6, no friends needed.

Posted by: BatRastered Aug 2, 2012 | 19026 views | 7 comments

Step 1: Make sure you're signed in. If you don't have an account yet, registration is quick and easy (and FREE!).

Step 2: Click on the Fantasy Leagues tab on the top of the page.

Fantasy Leagues Tab

Step 3: Click "Join a matchmade league"

Join a matchmade league

Step 4: Choose a team name... try to keep it PG, you don't know who you'll be playing with.

Team name

Step 5: If you weren't the 6th team in line, you'll have to wait a bit for others to queue up. Once the 6th team does join, you'll get an email (and a tweet, if you signed up for it, check your profile) that will tell you when your draft is scheduled.  It will contain a link to your league's home page, but you can always get there from the Fantasy Leagues tab (see step 2).

Step 6: From your league home page, click "Go to the draft page".

League Home page

Step 7: Setup your draft order. Put the superstars and divas in the order you want to draft them by setting the numbers to the left, don't forget to click save! You can do this anytime once your league forms, you don't have to wait for the draft to start. I reccommend doing this as soon as possible in case you cant make the draft. NOTE: You can also access this from your team's home page (click your team name and you should see a link to set your draft order).

Draft order set

Step 8: That's it!  Now that you've drafted, your league will start getting points after every show. Will you be on top at the end of the season?

If you have any questions, tweet @dropthebelt or use our help form in the top navigation.

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