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My way of scoring?

Posted by: Fnjimmy Oct 25, 2010 | 1040 views | 4 comments

leave blank

Raw & smackdown  Goldust v. Zack Ryder Win by pin Cena & orton  v. McGillicuddy & Harris             Pin Bryan dances on raw splits gives me 1 point.  Edge 11 The miz Mark Henry 1 John Morrison 11 Dibiase Shamus 11 Cm punk 1 Smackdown                      Pin Big show, ray mysterio, kofi Kingston v. The miz, shamus,             esekiel Jackson  Swagger v. Santino  Submission Del rio v. Morrison Submission Edge v. Punk             D.Q. Submission Natalya and Kelly Kelly v.         Laycool Orton v. Kane Pin Bragging rights Dolph zegellar  v. Daniel Bryan Submission Wwe tag team championship  Cody & macntyer v. Cena & otunga                      Submission Maybe for the million dollar championship Goldust v. Ted debiase jr.                    Pin Wwe unify divas championship Layla v. Natalay Pin Bury alive match for the world heavyweight championship Kane v. Undertaker Winner  Raw v. Smackdown  The miz g11                 The big show g4countout C.m. Punk1 g10               Jack swagger g2pined John Morrison1        Tyler Rex g3pined Ezekiel Jackson g6 v.     Ray mysterio winner Santino morrila g1        Edge winner R-truth g8                     Kofi Kingston g7 Shamus1 g9                      Alberto del rio g5 Wwe championship Randy orton v. Wade Barrett  DQ


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