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New rules for WrestleMania 2017 season

Posted by: BatRastered Dec 29, 2016 | 526 views | 6 comments

Thanks for all your suggestions, we've added a couple of things for next season (starting Jan 2).

First off, we will be scoring 205 Live this season. This is a live show so should not affect our trade window. Most of the cruiserweights are already in the catalog as they show up on RAW, but we will add them as needed following their initial appearance on either show.

We've alsow added two new bonus points:

Crossover Star
5 points. As a member of the other show's roster, appear on the opposite show. (Example: if John Cena is drafted to SmackDown and appears on RAW, he will get crossover star points for that show). Once per show.

Fighting in the crowd
5 points. Bring the fight into the WWE universe. Both wrestlers will be awarded points. Both wrestlers must be in the crowd and do some action (hold/strike/slam) while in the crowd.

Just to clarify that fighting in the crowd rule, something has to happen between the two wresters while they are in the crowd, so for example if a wrestler throws another over the barrier and just leaves them there, or chases them around (without catching them) there will not be points awarded. We decided to give points to both wresters at this time even if the other doesn't hit back as it doesn't require us to look super close to tell if the other guy got a punch in under the radar... We will monitor both of these bonuses and adjust the points value next season if they appear out of whack.

Thanks for all your suggestions!


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