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NWA Announces New Weekly Television Show

Posted by: grrrtygirl Aug 8, 2019 | 330 views | 10 comments

Billy Corgan announced that the National Wrestling Alliance will be filming a weekly show in Atlanta, GA. Corgan spoke of bringing the excitement and danger of Saturday morning wrestling back to television. It will be “unscripted and uncensored” and “anything could happen” he stated. The first filming is slated for September 30 and October 1st with no details on where it will air.

This fall is turning into a dream for wrestling fans with AEW coming to TNT, WWE moving Smackdown Live to FOX and rumor of NXT going live weekly as well. Whether NWA and Corgan can land a TV deal remains to be seen but, I look forward to the hope of more Professional Wrestling.

Check out the full YouTube announcement.



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