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Smackdown Not So Instant Fantasy Analysis - 7/27/2012

Posted by: choke Jul 28, 2012 | 998 views | 0 comments

Who's rising, who's falling after last night's show?

Decent show.  I like when we get a lot of matches and happy to see newer talent like Sandow and Cesaro get some shine

1.  The Miz - Hoping he's going to be a defending champion.  Good to see them get the rematch out of the way quickly though obviously Christian could possibly appeal for another shot (ONE.  MORE.  MATCH)  given the nature of the loss.  Either way I see him holding the title for a while, at least until the WWE starts and stops plugging the new Marine movie.
2.  Antonio Cesaro - Big victory, and hopefully sets him up for a US Championship match where they can finally take it off the clown and get back to actual wrestling
3.  Alberto Del Rio - Thought we might have seen the end of Del Rio/Sheamus, but that win extends it for another month and I think he'll get some extremely decisive victories over the next several weeks to try to make us believe he'll beat Sheamus.

1.  Daniel Bryan -  Ugh.  Now what? This might be an overreaction to how certain I was he'd win the WWE or World title by Summerslam, but he can't win a match right now and doesn't really have a good feud going right now either
2.  Kane - Another one just floundering right now
3.  Santino - Hopefully the Cesaro win was a sign of things to come.  


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