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Sportsbook's odds for the TLC PPV

Posted by: choke Dec 12, 2012 | 1203 views | 2 comments

Yes, you can bet on WWE. Here are the current odds on the TLC PPV. Do you agree? Any surprises?

So 5Dimes is yet again offering odds for a WWE PPV.  Usually they reserve this for the bigger PPVs like Mania, Rumble, etc, so I was surprised to see them up for this Sundays show.

POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT.  If you think Sportsbooks would only offer these sorts of wagers if they know the outcome, don't read ahead obviously.  

Big Show vs. Sheamus:   5Dimes has Big Show as a huge favorite:   -350.   Therefore Sheamus is a pretty big underdog here at +250.   I was a little surprised to see Sheamus as such a big underdog (for anyone who doesnt understand these ods, if you bet $100 on Sheamus you would get back $250 + your original bet, so $350 total).   I do agree that Big Show will more than likely retain, but +250 seems like decent odds for Sheamus in this spot.  I probably wouldnt touch it.  

Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett:  Another interesting line.  Barrett is actually the favorite here at the same price as Show, -350, and Kofi is the dog at +250.   This really makes you think they know something as typically the defending champ is considered the favorite in a match.  I do lean towards Wade getting the strap here, but it was a little surprising to see him such the heavy favorite.   I'd consider Kofi at +250, and in fact might bet it (if it were legal)

Dolph Ziggler vs John Cena.  Whoa, Ziggler is a HUGE favorite at -600.  -600!!!!  That means you'd have to bet $600 just to win $100.   I think this one is fairly obvious though, most have to think he'll keep the MITB case which makes him the easy pick.   Cena is at +300.   As tempting as it is to bet Cena in ANY spot where he's a 3/1 dog, because of the case, it's tough to do so here.

The Shield vs Hell No and Ryback.   My favorite bet of the night.  Shield is actually favored at -350, and hell no and ryback are at +250 (similar to the first two matches I discussed).   LOVE Ryback and Hell No here.  I mean I can certainly understand why people would think Shield will go over in their debut match, but I think they'll try to send the fans home happy with a Ryback victory at the end.  One could argue the Shield could win and then Ryback goes off on them all to still do the same, but with so many heels predicted to win throughout, I like the faces to close out the show on a high note.  

Cesaro vs R Truth:  Cesaro is a HUGE favorite here too, at -600.  Makes sense on paper, Cesaro has been sold as a top competitor and is in his prime right now, so it's tough to see him losing the strap to Truth.  Thing is, at +400 for Truth, you can never discount the possibility of a DQ victory for truth which keeps the belt on Cesaro but would net you that sweet payout.   Considering it.

No odds were available on Sin Cara/Mysterio vs Rhodes Scholars at this time.

What do you think?


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