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The 20th Season of DtB's Fantasy Wrestling is Sept, 11 - #SurvivorSeries

Posted by: goukijones Aug 21, 2017 | 1013 views | 31 comments

The title says it all.  

RAW Monday, September 11th, 2017 Through Survivor Series Sunday, November 19, 2017.

We've waited for another SmackDown PPV to be added to this season, but it appears the WWE is going to do 2 Raw PPVs and only 1 SmackDown PPV before Survivor Series.  Please draft accordingly.  This means SmackDown wrestlers will get 1 less PPV opportunity for points.

The History of the Fall Classic league.  This will be our 20th Season doing this game online.  It was originally called the Winter League.  The season ended on T.L.C. which, back then was the final PPV of the year in December.  Since the WWE has done the brand split, we changed it so all seasons end on a big PPV and this will be the second year the Fall Classic ends at Survivor Series. 

The Fall Classic League is 70 days long.  Last year it was 71 and the year before that 84.

Traditionally the WrestleMania season begins on the first Raw of the New Year.  

Now is the time to discuss any rule changes or how DropTheBelt handles shows or special events, anything that has to do with scoring. Please leave a comment.

Thank you for playing DropTheBelt Fantasy Wrestling and good luck this season!

Please leave any questions, comments or suggestions in the comments below.


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