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Wrestlemania 2015 season rules and dates

Posted by: BatRastered Dec 22, 2014 | 1845 views | 5 comments

Are you ready for another kick-ass season of DropTheBelt Fantasy Wrestling? The WrestleMania 2015 season starts with the first RAW in 2015 (Jan 5) and runs through WrestleMania, which is early this year on March 29.


If you have suggestions for a new rule post it here. The only real controversy we had last season was the Rusev vs Sheamus US Title match which happened on the Raw post show on the WWE network. This lead me to think of a rule along the lines of:

Rusev Rule: If a match 1) is promoed during a TV show as being on the WWE network immediately following the show, and 2) that match is available in archived format (doesn't need to be watched live), and 3) the match is a title match, and  4) the results are posted on as being a part of the TV show, then we will score the match (and only the match, much like the PPV pre-show matches).

But that seems like it would never happen, even though it did... once. I'm not sure I want to put something that crazy in the rule book if it may never happen again, just know that that's what I'm leaning towards if it DOES happen again.

There is one minor rule update that's good news for everyone though. Starting January 15th, Smackdown is moving to Thursday. This means we will get an extra day for free agent trades each week starting then! The new trade window will run from the end of Smackdown (pacific time zone broadcast) to about an hour before the start of either Raw on Monday (live broadcast) or the PPV (live broadcast) that Sunday if applicable. 

Get your drafts ready for January 5!


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