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Posted by: fnjimmy Sep 6, 2010 | 1864 views | 7 comments

My beginning.

This is my story to start things off. All I can say is both the wwe and tna both equally sucks, the wwe doesn't have enough storylines anymore that made wwe so good, and tna well there going the same direction as wcw was only this time since all the legends are getting old the younger players are finally getting into the mix but I think there are no talented writers to give these guys a good push. I've seen a couple of wrestlers go though so many personas it makes Mick Foley look normal. Now wwe is kinda doing the samething except that they have good writers it's just seems that the wrestlers are not giving there all and I can understand since wwe has waterdown there product i.e. making it a kiddy show like it was 30 years ago. It sucks but I do not want to see another 100 or so wrestlers dying in there hotel rooms from overdose on meds and so forth. That's it for now but my stories aren't going to be interesting until next year because there is only one ppv worth taking about and that's the Royal Rumble. Alrighty then peace out.

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