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You make the call: Axel vs R. Truth

Posted by: BatRastered Jul 30, 2013 | 1164 views | 5 comments

Sometimes the WWE is not so clear, here's a scenario let's see how you'd score it.

Monday Night Raw on July 29, 2013 featured a match with Curtis Axel facing off against R-Truth. As Axel hits his finisher and is about to go for the pin, CM Punk comes out and interferes with the match, pulling Axel out of the ring and attacking him. The ref and R-Truth both disappear, the bell never rings to end the match, and no winner is announced on TV. Watch the ending...

If WWE cared about the rules, obviously this should have been a DQ win for Axel and the bell should have sounded win Punk pulled him out of the ring.

Often times when no bell is rung and the outcome is in doubt you'll find this listed as a no decision on Not this time though. This time they claim "Axel def. R-Truth" and that "CM Punk jumped Axel after a match on Raw" (emphasis mine). I'm not sure what match the guy who wrote that was watching, but this left us in a weird position as we turn to for the official match outcome when the TV show is unclear, but this time the website seems to be in an alternate universe.

Officially for DTB we went with a win for Axel, though I left the interference for Punk and the lack of attack points because I can't tell when the match segment ends.

What would you do if you were the official scorekeeper?


Jul 30, 2013 by BatRastered

What should the outcome of the Curtis Axel vs R-Truth match have been?

Win for Axel as per the website — 67% (6 votes)


DQ victory for Axel as per "normal" wrestling rules — 33% (3 votes)


No decision as the bell never rang. — 0% (0 votes)


Something else - comment below — 0% (0 votes)


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