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Fantasy Wrestling Rule Book


Singles Match Win
Winning a singles match. 20 points.
Tag Team Match Win
Winning a Tag Team match. 20 points.
The wrestler's opponent was disqualified by the referee. Including count outs. 15 points.
Squash Match Win
Win versus an “indie/local/unnamed” wrestler who is not on the roster and is not a celebrity guest. 15 points.
An official match decided as a No Contest, Tie, Double DQ/count out, or other Schmozz where there is no winner or loser. Bell must ring to start the official match. 5 points.
Bonus Points
Accompanying To The Ring
2 points. Accompany another wrestler to the ring. Must be out there during an official match.
Ambulance Ride
50 points. The wrestler must receive Strapped to a Stretcher Bonus first to receive an Ambulance Ride Bonus. Points are awarded when the stretcher touches the ambulance.
5 points. Attack another wrestler. During a match, non-participants will be given interference points instead. The attacker must physically hit or knock down the attacked. Holds are an attack. Shoving does not count unless it knocks them down. This rule does not stack. Once Per Segment.
Backstage Beatdown
10 points. Beatdown ANYONE backstage. This includes off-site shoots. The wrestler still standing will receive the Beatdown points.
Breakaway Ringside Wall
10 points. Putting your opponent through the ringside breakaway wall.
Chair Shot
2 points. Hit ANYBODY with a chair. Not awarded during a match where chairs are legal (such as a TLC match or any type of no DQ match). Stacks to 5.
Championship Belt Attack
4 points. Hitting someone with any championship belt. Stacks 5 times.
10 points. Hit an opponent more than 5 times with a chair, title belt, or any other foreign object. 5 chair shot, Belt Attack, or Foreign Object points must be awarded first. This rule does not stack.
Classic Promo
8 points. A Classic Promo is when a wrestler is on the way to the ring and a separate window pops up and that same wrestler is speaking in the video. Classic WWF.
Contract Signing
10 points. Participate in a contract signing event as a superstar whose name is on the contract. You don't need to be shown physically signing the paper and if it's a tag match, all members of the team will be awarded this.
Crossover Star
5 points. As a member of the other brands roster, appear on the opposite show. (Example: if John Cena is drafted to SmackDown and appears on RAW, he will get crossover star points for that show). Once per show. Wrestlers listed as Superstar or Legend are exempt from this rule.
Drop The Belt
75 points. Giving up the belt. Leaving the belt in the middle of the ring and vacating the championship. Giving the belt up to a McMahon, Commissioner or General Manager.
10 points. Be ejected from ringside by an official during a match.
4 points. Eliminate a wrestler or tag team in an elimination style match. Only the person performing the pin, submission, or over the top elimination will receive points. Stipulation and normal points will still be applied for the actual winner of the match.
Eliminator Team Up
2 points. Same as eliminator. This rule is for more than 1 wrestler performing an elimination. This rule is for Battle Royals and the Royal Rumble, but could come into effect in other match types.
10 points. Be an enforcer during an official match.
Fade to Black
4 points. When you are shown during the fade to black on the Raw, SmackDown or a Network Special broadcast.
Fade To Black Team Up
2 points. When two or more wrestlers are shown during the fade to black on Raw, SmackDown or a Network Special broadcast. Maximum 5.
Fighting In The Crowd
5 points. Bring the fight into the WWE Universe. Both wrestlers will be awarded points. Both wrestlers must be in the crowd and do some action (hold/strike/slam) while in the crowd.
Foreign Object
3 points. Hit anyone with a foreign object. A foreign object can be anything not listed in other categories. Must not be a legal object in the match (a ladder doesn't count in a ladder match). This rule stacks 5 times. On the 6th hit, you receive Cheatacular Bonus.
Guest Commentator
5 points. Put on a headset and commentate during an official match.
3 points. Coming in contact with the referee and/or whoever is involved with the match. Handing a wrestler an object or removing a legal object from their reach. One foot on the apron during a match counts. Once per match, per interferer. If they are part of the match (like a lumberjack) they don't get interference points.
5 points. Complete an interview during a LIVE show (Raw, Smackdown & Network Specials) with an official WWE Interviewer, without being interrupted by anyone. An interview is when one wrestler or a team of wrestlers are being interviewed. No microphone, no points. Live interviews only.
Interview Interference
2 points. Interrupt another Wrestler's interview. Wrestlers will not get Interview points if they get interrupted.
Looking On ...
5 points. Watching a live match on TV while backstage. Looking on from a Skybox, home, or hotel will also count.
Microphone Master
2 points. Hold a microphone and speak into it or speak into a podium/standing microphone. Headset microphones also count.
Multiple Attack
10 points. Attack 3 or more people during any segment.
PPV Star
4 points. Participate in a match on any PPV.
Season Finale Fade To Black
10 points. The wrestler that gets the final Fade To Black of the season.
Season Opener
10 points. The first wrestler shown on live television during the season opening scored program.
Show Opener
3 points. The first wrestler from the DropTheBelt roster seen LIVE on the show.
Slammed on a car
25 points. When a wrestler performs a move on a car/truck. All 4 feet must be on the car at the start of the move and the affected wrestler must hit the car. Throwing someone from the ground onto a car or smacking them with a piece of the car doesn't count.
Slammy Award Winner
10 points. Winning a Slammy during the LIVE Show.
Sole Survivor
20 points. Survive a Survivor Series match.
Special Guest Referee
10 points. Appear as the special guest referee in an official match.
Strapped To A Stretcher
25 points. Injure another wrestler, so that they must be taken out on a stretcher. The injured wrestler must be actually strapped into the stretcher. This rule opens up the Ambulance Ride Bonus.
Table Shot
10 points. Put ANYBODY through a table at any time. Not awarded during a match where tables are legal.
Through The Announcer Table
15 points. Putting ANYBODY through the Announcer Table at any time.
TV Star
2 points. Participate in an official televised match on Raw or SmackDown.
25 points. Defend your belt while winning another. BOTH titles must be on the line in a unification or undisputed champion type match.
Winner Take All (Men's Main Event Championship)
50 points. Winning either the Universal or WWE Championship while holding one or the other.
Winner Take All (Women's Championship)
40 points. During WrestleMania 2019 the Raw and SmackDown Championship were on the line. This Bonus Point was created to give the 40 points for the other title without altering the match stipulation.
2 Out Of 3 Falls
15 points. Win a 2 Out Of 3 Falls match.
10 points. Win an Ambulance match.
Battle Royal
10 points. Win a Battle Royal.
Beat The Clock
10 points. Win a Beat the clock match.
Buried Alive/Casket
15 points. Win a Buried Alive or Casket match.
Champion VS Champion
10 points. Win a Champion VS Champion match.
Elimination Chamber
35 points. Win an Elimination Chamber match.
Falls Count Anywhere
10 points. Win a Falls Count Anywhere match.
Fatal 4-way
10 points. Win a Fatal 4-way match.
First Blood
10 points. Win a First Blood match.
5 points. Win a Flag match.
Four Corners
15 points. Win a Four Corners match.
Guest Referee
5 points. Win a match with a guest referee.
10 points. Win a Handicap match. The match must start and end as a handicap match. Or the match must be clearly designated by a GM as a handicap match.
10 points. Win a hardcore match.
Hell in a Cell
25 points. Win a Hell in a Cell match.
I Quit
15 points. Win an I Quit match.
Iron Man
20 points. Win an Iron Man Match.
King of the Ring
15 points. Win the King of the Ring tournament.
Last Superstar Standing
10 points. Win a Last Man/Woman Standing match.
5 points. Win a Lumberjack match.
Mixed Tag Team
5 points. Win a mixed tag team match.
Money in the Bank
30 points. Win a Money in the Bank match.
Multiman Tag Team
5 points. Win a Tag Team match consisting of more than 4 wrestlers. (6-man, 8-man, etc.)
15 points. Win a no DQ match.
No Holds Barred
15 points. Win a No Holds Barred match.
Number 1 Contenders
10 points. Win a Number 1 Contenders match.
On a pole
10 points. Win a "Blank" on a pole match.
Open Challenge
5 points. Win an Open Challenge Match.
5 points. A stipulation match that does not appear on our list of stipulation matches.
20 points. Win a retirement match.
Royal Rumble
50 points. Win the Royal Rumble.
Steel Cage
10 points. Win a Steel Cage match.
Street Fight
15 points. Win a Street Fight match.
10 points. Win a Submission match.
Survivor Series
10 points. Win Survivor Series match.
Tables, Ladders OR Chairs
25 points. Win any match involving Tables, Ladders OR Chairs.
Tornado Tag
15 points. Win a Tornado Tag match.
10 points. Win a Tournament match.
Triple Threat
10 points. Win a Triple Threat match.
Universal Championship
Currently held by Seth Rollins. 50 points for winning, 25 points for defending.
Raw Women's Championship
Currently held by Becky Lynch. 50 points for winning, 25 points for defending.
WWE Championship
Currently held by Brock Lesnar. 50 points for winning, 25 points for defending.
SD Women's Championship
Currently held by Bayley. 50 points for winning, 25 points for defending.
Intercontinental Championship
Currently held by Shinsuke Nakamura. 40 points for winning, 20 points for defending.
US Championship
Currently held by AJ Styles. 40 points for winning, 20 points for defending.
Raw Tag Team Championship 1
Currently held by Ivar. 30 points for winning, 15 points for defending.
Raw Tag Team Championship 2
Currently held by Erik. 30 points for winning, 15 points for defending.
SD Tag Team Championship 1
Currently held by Dash Wilder. 30 points for winning, 15 points for defending.
SD Tag Team Championship 2
Currently held by Scott Dawson. 30 points for winning, 15 points for defending.
Women's Tag Team Championship 1
Currently held by Kairi Sane. 30 points for winning, 15 points for defending.
Women's Tag Team Championship 2
Currently held by Asuka. 30 points for winning, 15 points for defending.
Cruiserweight Championship
Currently held by Drew Gulak. 20 points for winning, 10 points for defending.
24/7 Championship
Currently held by R-Truth. 5 points for winning, 0 points for defending.
Special Rules & Glossary

Final Match Result or FMR: All results will be based on Some bonus points may still be reviewed via video from or the official WWE Youtube channel. If a match is restarted or a decision is reversed, the points will be based on the latest outcome of the match.

Bell-to-Bell: Some points can only be given out during a match. This means from when the bell rings to start the match, until the bells rings again to stop the match. A match is Bell-to-Bell.

Once Per Segment or OPS: Some points can only be given out once per segment.

How we consider segments & Bell-to-Bell on If a wrestler speaks into a microphone before and after a match. Bell-to-bell breaks the segment, therefore 2 "Once Per Segment" points can be given. 2 Microphone Masters in this case. The wrestler can also get interference points during the match and get attack points before and after the match.

Multiple stipulations: If more than one stipulation applies to a match, the stipulation worth the most points will be awarded.

Previously Earlier: Previously recorded footage is not scored.

5 Man Rule: If 5 or more wrestlers qualify for a bonus at the same time, the bonus is a wash. For instance, if 5 wrestlers jump in the ring to attack one wrestler, nobody will get attack points.

Jimmy Jobber: Jimmy Jobber is a placeholder for a wrestler that is currently not on the roster. Jimmy Jobber is also used to describe “indie/local/unnamed” wrestlers mostly seen in Squash Matches.

Freebird Rule: If a tag team consists of more than 2 members and they are sharing the titles according to the WWE Freebird rule, the wrestlers who actually participate in the match will get points. The wrestler who sat out of the match will receive all applicable bonus points.

PPV Kickoff Show: Only Final Match Results will be counted for Kickoff Shows. Eliminator points will count (as they are part of the match). All other bonus points will not be scored.

NXT is not scored on the WWE game. NXT is is its own game. See for more details

Some rules are subjective to the scorekeeper. All shows and most points are available for review. If you have a question or a comment about any specific score during the season, please leave a comment on the appropriate scoreboard.

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