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Welcome to the new season: rules and roster updates

Posted by: BatRastered Sep 12, 2016 | 1153 views | 29 comments

Welcome to another season of DTB fantasy wrestling.

Many of you have submitted help requests regarding the cruiserweight division. Here is your answer... We don't really know how it's going to work yet. We've added a new belt for it, though we don't know for sure if it has one or it's just a trophy. As we don't know which wrestlers will be appearing on RAW and we don't want to flood the catalog of available wrestlers with all 32 that were in the tournament, we will be adding the cruiserweight superstars as they appear on RAW (or are teased through promos like Curt Hawkins has been recently). We're kind of winging it here, because we don't know what to expect.

Similarly, with the brand split, we've added the new belts (as equal points to their counterparts on the other show) and we will be adding a feature to identify superstars as either Raw or SmackDown brand to aid in future drafts and free-agent pickups soon. We will score both Raw and SD branded PPV in addition to the multi-show PPV. We will continue to score Raw and SD weekly and open the trade window on Wednesday mornings closing just before the next Raw or PPV if there is one that week. The additional PPV shows due to the brand split will cause us to re-adjust our seasons to try and ensure we have an equal red/blue split in each season, this current season, for example, wraps ups with Survivor Series (we like to end on a major PPV where possible) and is a slightly different timing than usual. Again, we don't know WWE's plans for all the future PPVs so we will be reacting to them as they are announced. The next season, however is pretty well set; it will run from the first Raw in January through WrestleMania.

Minor rule update: We've added "squash" as a win method. This is for all those matches where a superstar faces off against a no-name wrestler (we call them "Jimmy Jobber" in the scoreboard). This is worth 15 points instead of 20 for a normal win. This should still be quite a bit of points for those superstars that fall into this gimmick for a time as they usually do it for weeks in a row to build them up, there will still be quite a lot of points awarded, but we just don't feel beating up some no-name should be worth the same as a legitimate win over another superstar. Now that we have this rule in place, I fully expect the WWE to not use this gimmick for the next year or two.. :)

Rule clarification: Interview rule will be awarded for the Renee Young style desk interviews going forward. Traditional interview caveats apply: you must actually talk (silently sitting there not answering her questions doesn't count) and you don't get points if your interview is interrupted by another superstar (instead the interrupter will get interview interference points).

Thanks for playing Drop The Belt fantasy wrestling!


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