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Fall Classic 2015 season September 21 — December 13



Matches: Braun Strowman vs Bubba Ray Dudley. Erick Rowan vs D-Von Dudley. Becky Lynch vs Paige. Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger. Kofi Kingston vs Kalisto.

Bonus: Roman Reigns Show Opener. Roman Reigns Microphone Master. Sheamus Microphone Master. Bubba Ray Dudley TV Star. D-Von Dudley TV Star.

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Matches: Bubba Ray Dudley vs Luke Harper. D-Von Dudley vs Bray Wyatt. Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks. Mark Henry vs Neville. Konnor vs Titus O'neil.

Bonus: Triple H Show Opener. Stephanie McMahon Microphone Master. Stephanie McMahon Microphone Master. Triple H Microphone Master. Sheamus Microphone Master.

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Night of Champions & DTB Staff Draft LIVE STREAM Tonight 9/20 #NOC

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Top 5 point getters this week

Roman Reigns


 Roman Reigns
 175 points


 103 points
Dean Ambrose


 Dean Ambrose
 94 points


 75 points


 74 points

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