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New Fall Classic 2014 season September 22 — December 14

Main Event


Matches: Fernando vs The Miz. Diego vs Damien Sandow. Adam Rose vs Fandango. Layla El vs Natalya. Kane vs Dean Ambrose.

Bonus: The Miz Show Opener. Damien Sandow Show Opener. The Miz Microphone Master. El Torito Accompanying to the ring. Rosa Mendes Accompanying to the ring.

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Matches: Mark Henry vs Ryback. Luke Harper vs Dean Ambrose. Stardust vs The Miz. Goldust vs Damien Sandow. Justin Gabriel vs Fandango.

Bonus: Triple H Show Opener. Stephanie McMahon Show Opener. Stephanie McMahon Microphone Master. Triple H Microphone Master. Daniel Bryan Microphone Master.

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Top 5 point getters this week

The Miz


 The Miz
 123 points
Damien Sandow


 Damien Sandow
 122 points
Dolph Ziggler


 Dolph Ziggler
 99 points


 88 points
Dean Ambrose


 Dean Ambrose
 87 points

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