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SummerSlam 2015 season May 18 — August 23



Matches: Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose. Kane vs Roman Reigns. R-Truth vs Rusev. Bad News Barrett vs Ryback. Stardust vs Neville.

Bonus: Triple H Show Opener. Stephanie McMahon Show Opener. Seth Rollins Microphone Master. Triple H Microphone Master. Dean Ambrose Microphone Master.

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Matches: Diego vs Kalisto. Fernando vs Sin Cara. Bad News Barrett vs Dolph Ziggler. Stardust vs R-Truth. Heath Slater vs Curtis Axel.

Bonus: Roman Reigns Show Opener. Roman Reigns Microphone Master. Dean Ambrose Microphone Master. Kane Microphone Master. El Torito Accompanying to the ring.

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REPLAY: Watch the live stream of the DTB staff watching #WWEPayback

Posted by: goukijones May 21 (6 days ago) | 51 Views | 1 Comments


DropTheBelt thanks you for your patience while we work through the help log.

Posted by: goukijones May 18 (8 days ago) | 144 Views | 2 Comments


Watch out draft LIVE on the internet Sunday after Payback

Posted by: goukijones May 16 (11 days ago) | 199 Views | 9 Comments

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Bat's Busts: 5 wrestlers to avoid for the Summer Slam 2015 draft

Posted by: BatRastered May 15 (12 days ago) | 331 Views | 13 Comments

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Payback PPV Prediction Polls

Posted by: BatRastered May 12 (14 days ago) | 148 Views | 7 Comments


Global Force Wrestling announces its lineup at the Orleans Arena

Posted by: BatRastered May 6 (20 days ago) | 212 Views | 1 Comments

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Extreme Rules Prediction Polls: UPDATED with new matches from RAW

Posted by: BatRastered Apr 20, 2015 | 308 Views | 6 Comments

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AJ Lee Retires!

Posted by: goukijones Apr 4, 2015 | 292 Views | 4 Comments

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Top 5 point getters this week

Dean Ambrose


 Dean Ambrose
 84 points
Roman Reigns


 Roman Reigns
 52 points
John Cena


 John Cena
 41 points
Xavier Woods


 Xavier Woods
 31 points
Dolph Ziggler


 Dolph Ziggler
 30 points

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