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Fall Classic 2017 season September 11 — November 19

No Mercy


Alexa Bliss 58 points, Brock Lesnar 50 points, The Miz 46 points, Enzo Amore 44 points, Dean Ambrose 38 points

Matches: Apollo Crews vs Elias Samson. Jason Jordan vs The Miz. Bray Wyatt vs Finn Balor. Sheamus vs Dean Ambrose. Cesaro vs Seth Rollins.

Bonus: Bo Dallas Show Opener. Curtis Axel Show Opener. The Miz Show Opener. Jason Jordan PPV Star. Bo Dallas Accompanying to the ring.

205 Live


Cedric Alexander 23 points, Akira Tozawa 20 points, Jack Gallagher 10 points, Drew Gulak 6 points, Enzo Amore 6 points

Matches: Brian Kendrick vs Cedric Alexander. Noam Dar vs Akira Tozawa.

Bonus: Cedric Alexander Show Opener. Jack Gallagher Attack. Brian Kendrick Attack. Jack Gallagher Interviewed. Drew Gulak Microphone Master.


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Top 5 point getters this week

Alexa Bliss


 Alexa Bliss
 64 points
Jason Jordan


 Jason Jordan
 62 points
The Miz


 The Miz
 59 points
Enzo Amore


 Enzo Amore
 56 points
Brock Lesnar


 Brock Lesnar
 50 points

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