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Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2019 season September 2 — December 15



Andrade 32 points, Elias 32 points, Dash Wilder 29 points, Scott Dawson 29 points, Rowan 24 points

Matches: Apollo Crews vs Andrade. Daniel Bryan vs Buddy Murphy. Tucker vs Dash Wilder. Otis vs Scott Dawson. Kevin Owens vs Elias.

Bonus: Randy Orton Show Opener. Randy Orton Microphone Master. Kofi Kingston Attack. Kofi Kingston Multiple Attack. Kofi Kingston Chair Shot.



Let the King of the Ring Tournament begin hell ya.

Matches: Dolph Ziggler vs Roman Reigns. Baron Corbin vs Ricochet. Drew McIntyre vs The Miz. AJ Styles vs Braun Strowman. Cesaro vs Samoa Joe.

Bonus: Roman Reigns Show Opener. Roman Reigns Crossover Star. Dolph Ziggler Microphone Master. Dolph Ziggler Crossover Star. Dolph Ziggler Attack.


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Top 5 point getters last season

Kofi Kingston


941 points
Seth Rollins


885 points
Becky Lynch


532 points


513 points


492 points

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