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Choke's Wrestlemania 28 Predictions and Fantasy League Impact

Posted by: choke Mar 27, 2012 | 1241 views | 7 comments

Sorry for absence. Here I preview the matches for Wrestlemania 28, predict who will win, and provide a brief Fantasy League impact update for each match.

I have been gone for a while..

But what better time to make a comeback than Wrestlemania, the biggest and "best" show of the year!?

Let's get right to it.


Randy Orton vs Kane in a "Who Cares" Match

If only this was a real stipulation in our fantasy league, then there could be points available for everyone!  This is an awful feud and just a way for the WWE to work these two into this show.   They should just make Team Teddy vs Team Johnny a 14 man match and throw these two into it.   Anyway, don't see any way Kane wins, and let's actually hope he doesn't, because if he does it means we'll be seeing more of this bullshit in the future.

Prediction:  Orton wins     

Fantasy Impact:  None really.  Orton will always be top card and has no room for improvement.  A Kane win would be a surprise but wouldnt really mean anything to me as far as his getting any more points in the future unless (please God no) they try to sell him as a legit title contender against Punk/Jericho.   PLEASE GOD NO.


Cody Rhodes vs The Big Show for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

UGH.   UGH.   The Big Show.   UGH.   Do people still care about big guys like this?   I mean I know back in the 80s when people were still turning dials on their TV and were probably too lazy to do so, it was impressive to see a guy like the Big Show that was walking and talking just like us because we didn't have the exposure that 50,000 channels and a DVR gives us.   But damn, it's 2012.  I wouldnt give two craps if I walked outside today and saw the Big Show and Great Khali walking hand in hand.   It'd be "just another day"     Basically I'm saying they need to fire him (and Khali).   Cody Rhodes is a tragic character in this storyline because he has to waste his time with this big goof that after 38 years in the business still can't cut a promo that evokes more than 8 cheers (DUDE, JUST SAY THE CITY YOU'RE IN)    Sadly, I'm still going to go with the Big Show getting the win because I think the WWE will try to reward him for his years of horrific wrestling with a WM victory one of these days, and them having Cody make fun of him for not being able to win there just sets that up...

Prediction:  Big Show wins the Intercontinental Championship

Fantasy Impact:   Well if this happens, Big Show will obviously go up in value in the league, and Cody will drop a little.  I would like to think that Cody is ready for main event status, but there's simply too much talent in the WWE right now that all seem to be in line for the title that it's hard for me to picture him being there anytime soon.   Obviously both guys are still worth holding either way (unless you have any self respect and refuse to hold the Big Show)  There are also a lot more guys that I can see being pushed against show for this belt than faces against Rhodes.  So that could raise the status of some of the current mid/high level heels like Christian, Del Rio if he comes back, etc...  but does it make sense to have them going after the IC and not the WWE/World?  I think so given the sheer # of guys "deserving" of the spot.


Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship

Looking forward to this one somewhat.  Daniel Bryan has developed into one of the better heels in the last several years, while Sheamus plays the dominant babyface well.   Plus there's always AJ Lee <3 <3 <3   ...  The popular pick here is Sheamus and understandably so.  I do think Bryan has a very good chance of retaining, but I think there's some unfinished business with Sheamus and Mark Henry that the WWE is just dying to start up again and that's the main reason I lean Sheamus.

Prediction:  Sheamus wins the World Heavyweight Championship

Fantasy Impact:  Sheamus is already dominating the league, and he'll continue to do so IMO win or lose.  Bryan won't lose too much with a loss.   I think the real star in this whole storyline is AJ Lee <3 <3 <3 and I see big things for her (giggle) in the near future.   Either as the girl people hate for helping Bryan, or the girl that gets sympathy and ultimately cheered for if/when she dumps him, it wouldnt shock me to see her getting Diva Gold sometime in 2012, or at least a shot.


Maria Menounos and Kelly Kelly vs Eve and Beth Phoenix in a Divas Tag team match

Well the WWE feels compelled to do this every year, though I dont know anyone who would purchase any programming that wasnt soft core porn to watch Maria Menounos.  Pretty sure I read that Maria cracked some ribs on Dancing with the Stars, so not sure how much of an impact she'll have in the ring.   If she can't go, I can see them just replacing her with Alicia Fox or something.   Either way I think the WWE gives the faces the win to set up an actual feud for Beth Phoenix (yes, Kelly Kelly vs Phoenix, AGAIN).   They need to get this belt off Phoenix ASAP and set up for Eve to be the dominant heel diva.  This Hoeski stuff is generating more heat than anything else in the Diva division in a while.   

Prediction:  Kelly Kelly and ??? Win

Fantasy Impact:  As I said above, I think Eve will become THE heel in the Diva division shortly.  With the heat she's getting I think she needs to be involved in the title program.   Maybe even hold onto it until Kharma comes back to squash her.    Not very bullish on Phoenix for early 2012.  The WWE likes looks over talent.


Team Teddy vs Team Johnny in a blah blah General Manager blah blah 80 man world wide war battle royal

I dont know what to say.  BOOKER T?   Did he win some lawsuit against Vince that forces him to be allowed to wrestle at every major PPV for eternity?   Wow.   I love the talent involved in this match on Johnny's side.   Teddy's is an absolute joke.   I think storyline-wise it makes sense for Johnny to win since he provides a LOT more story opportunity as GM than Teddy does.   Even though it seems like an obvious choice, I like Henry to ultimately dominate to set him up for a series against new Champ Sheamus.  

Prediction:  Team Johnny Wins

Fantasy Impact:  Not much.  I do think Otunga is going to rack up points next season.   He'll be a monstrous heel.  Miz seems to be in the doghouse still, and I just don't think Swagger will ever have enough of a connection with the crowd as a heel or face to ever be hugely relevant again.   Khali is still terrible, Kofi is always a good hold, and Santino as long as he continues to be funny will gain points.   Drew Mcintyre is seriously in this match?  I watch every episode of Raw and Smackdown and had no clue.   I actually like him going forward.  I'm convinced this hellish run he's had will ultimately result in a big payoff for him.    I'm over Zack Ryder and I personally think the crowd is too.   Turn him heel.


CM Punk vs Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship

Well this SHOULD be the best technical match of the night, and I personally like the way they've been going about the feud with Jericho telling CM Punk his family is full of miscreants and assclowns.  Seems fair.   This is a toss-up to me.  Pretty sure people are favoring Jericho here, but I just have a feeling Punk is going to retain for now.  Coin flip.

Prediction:  CM Punk retains

Fantasy Impact:  Not much either way.   I think Jericho goes onto feud with Kofi and Punk moves onto Ziggler once this is over with, and I could see either of those feuds being for the title.  


Triple H vs the Undertaker in a Hell in the Cell match with Shawn Michaels as guest ref

Still somewhat excited for this one.  Undertaker has pretty much stolen the show the last 2 years at WM and I gotta think he has it in him for a third time.   Hard to predict him losing it EVER, but part of me will be rooting for that exact thing to happen.  I actually think HBK somehow fucks over HHH whether on accident or purpose and sets up a HHH/HBK thing maybe even for next Wrestlemania.  Though if they try to set something up a year out again I'm going to quit watching the WWE and buy a Matt Morgan t-shirt and become a TNA-ddict  

Prediction:  Undertaker wins via some Shawn Michaels interference

Fantasy Impact:  I dont know, will any of these guys ever go back to wrestling full-time?  I doubt it.  So nothing really.  One-shot deal probably.   Only use if you're down to a low pick and the only available wrestlers are Ezekial Jackson and Ted Dibiase.


The Rock vs John Cena 

Well, that year in wrestling flew by didn't it ? (insert rolling eyes smiley x 15)   This whole thing did do one thing that I would have never thought possible.  It turned me Team Cena.   Cena simply had better points regarding the live via satellite, the writing on the arm, and the stuff about Rock abandoning the WWE for hollywood.   Rock just kept telling Cena he had a vagina.   In the third grade Rock wins that one, but for someone who actually constructively listens to what the two are saying, I dont see how you can think Rock has gotten the better of Cena.   Unfortunately Cena still is a terrible wrestler.   He can definitely pull out a good match though when the spotlight is on the brightest, and I think these two will have a great match.   Picking a winner is difficult.  It's hard for me to believe that Rock's ego will allow him to lose to Cena, but the smart thing to do is have Cena go over since the Rock obviously isn't coming back full time.   Gotta go Cena because of that.   Wouldnt completely shock me if it goes the other way though

Prediction:  Cena wins

Fantasy Impact:  Minimal for Rock, he's probably gone right after.  Not really much for Cena either as obviously he'll be a heavyweight point getter this season win or lose.   The big question is will it be for a title or not?   You've got to think he'll touch gold at some point this upcoming season, but how soon and how long?


Overall the show looks decent, but underwhelming.  I'm a fan of the WWE and World title matches, and expect good things out of Rock/Cena and HHH/Undertaker.   I guess as long as those 4 matches don't disappoint, it will be a solid PPV.  If we can get just one good surprise match out of the others, I'll be happy.



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