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WWE Fantasy Wrestling Leagues Learn How To Play

Posted by: goukijones May 3, 2011 | 45723 views | 47 comments

Welcome to If you watch Monday Night Raw every week, SmackDown every week, and you watch every WWE PPV. Well then you have got to check out's Exclusive WWE Fantasy Wrestling League. Our super exciting Rule Book not only scores for winning matches or just being on a PPV, you score points for beating people up back stage, hitting anyone with a foriegn object, and even smashing some Jabroni through the announcer table. For more stone cold rules, read the Rule Book and check out the FAQ.

How to create a league:

The game is designed to be played with a group of at least 2 friends. If you don't have any friends on DropTheBelt, you can now play a Matchmade League.  In the options you can set how many teams you want in your league and how many Superstars per team. Your league size is customizable. Create a LeagueMatchmade leagues consist of 5 teams of 6 superstars each.

Step 1: Set the league and team size.

A typical 4 team league could look like this. 

DTB FUW League Example

Suggested league sizes:

  • 4 Teams = 8 Wrestlers per team
  • 5 Teams = 7 Wrestlers per team
  • 6 Teams = 6 Wrestlers per team
  • 8 Teams = 5 Wrestlers per team

You have the option to set any amount of teams and superstars. Just remember, there are only so many wrestlers on the roster.

How to Draft:

For created leagues, your league commissioner will set the date and time for your league draft.

Match made leagues will draft the following Saturday 11AM DTB Time (PDT). After the 5th person joins the league.

DropTheBelt's exclusive draft system allows you to set up an order of selection. With this, you don't have to be available when the draft is LIVE, the computer will chose for you in the order you have already set up.

You can also edit your team name at anytime by going your team's page.

For created leagues, when you have your league of at least 2 teams, click activate and your teams will start earning points. You can check the results from any show on the DropTheBelt Results page, just click on the show and date you want to see. automatically keeps score and results are posted the same night as the shows.

Get Tweeted!

We can notify you via Twitter (in addition to email) when your draft is scheduled.

To enable this feature, click on your name at the top of the screen to visit your profile. Then click the "edit your profile" link just under the red line. Input your twitter screen name (leave off the @) and check yes to the "Tweet me league updates (draft dates and trades)?" question. Click save and you're ready to go. When you next draft is scheduled (or the date changes) you'll get a tweet with the new date and time. Don't forget to sort your preferred draft picks so the auto-draft will pick the right wrestlers for you if you can't make the draft!

Also, don't forget to follow @DropTheBelt on twitter, as more general notifications will be sent as they occur. We will be tweeting when the free agent window is opened or closed and when seasons start or end, in addition to any news that may happen and some status updates during live scoring.

DropTheBelt Official Seasons. (Exact dates subject to change)

3 Seasons a year!

  • WrestleMania Season: First RAW of the new year and ends on WrestleMania.
  • SummerSlam Season: Season Start Date Varies and ends on Survivor Series.
  • Survivor Series Season: Season Start Date Varies and ends on Survivor Series.

*Start dates and end dates could vary each year.  Seasons typically last on average 90 days.

ATTENTION. You can start a league anytime during the season. Note that your season will end the same time as everyone else.

Trade Window & Official DTB Clock

Official Trade and FAA hours are 10:00 AM Thursday to 4:00 PM Monday (PDT time.) *Unless there is a PPV then it will close one hour before the PPV (PDT time) Sunday.

Follow us on Twitter and receive notification the instant the window is open/closed or scoring is finished plus more!. @DropTheBelt don't be left out!

Get notifications and league updates on our FaceBook page.

Trading between teams is managed by your league commissioner. Wrestlers can only switch teams during the valid trade hours.

FAA or Free Agent Accusation allows you to trade between your roster and wrestlers that are not on any other team in your league. During the valid trade hours team owners will be able to pick-up any wrestler -not on another team- by using the trade button on your roster. You will automatically be taken to a page where you will select a free agent. This system is first come first served while the window is open. You can queue up a FAA while the window is closed, these will be processed on a last-place team first, round-by-round basis.

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