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Choke's WWE Raw rant & Smackdown Preview 1/13/2014 - 1/17/2014

Posted by: choke Jan 16, 2014 | 884 views | 1 comments

First things first:   Several reports have come out that seem to indicate that Chris Jericho will be back soon.   I'll discuss this later in rising/falling.

Also, Daniel Bryan suffered a concussion Monday night apparently.   Hopefully nothing too serious, which I'd think we'd have heard about by now if it was.   Keep an eye out though (not that you would drop him anyway)

RAW Rant

So I thought Raw was a decent show.  The main things that came out of it were obviously the Bryan reversal of the Wyatt story.   Wow what a clusterfuck that whole idea turned out to be huh?   What did they accomplish?   I literally can't think of one thing outside of making the entire Wyatt clan look incredibly weak, and making the Usos look godly (which I think will be diminished, and soon).    How did Harper and Rowan look so strong before Bryan, and then so weak with him on their side?   Just doesnt make any damn sense.   Next was the turning of Road Dogg and Billy Gunn, which looks to be setting up Punk vs HHH probably at Mania.   Here's hoping they have something more exciting than that lined up.   Lastly it looks like AJ might be moving to a Naomi package instead of Nattie or Brie?   I think this is just for Rumble and to get her that title reign record locked up before moving onto a more serious feud with Nattie or Brie where she actually has a shot to lose it.

Smackdown preview 

(as always from   these are my predictions, and I have no idea what the actual results will be)

Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs the New Age Outlaws (non title):   I'm stunned the Outlaws have stuck around this long.   Last time they came back I recommended it might be worth picking them up and then they disappeared the next week.  This time I decide not to recommend picking them up and they've been on every show.   Are they actually going to sell us on a program with these two against the tag champs?   I guess I could see it especially if the Usos/Wyatts are still going to be tied up together (in what sounds like the worst porno ever) in their feud.   The WWE has been burying Cody and Dust on occasion over the last few months in non-title matches only to have them win the actual title match, and I think that might happen again here in a rematch at Rumble?   (or maybe since they're both in the Rumble they wont have another match.) Actually yeah, I'll say they focus on the two in the Rumble, and have them get a win over the Outlaws here

Paul Heyman delivers a promo:  Odds we see Big Show at some point:   90%.   Odds we see Brock Lesnar at some point:   40%

Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio:   Well Del Rio got the pin Monday, so if this were a feud singularly between these two you'd think Rey would get the 2nd match forcing a 3rd rubber match next week or at the Rumble.   Since the bigger factor is Del Rio/Batista, it would be weird to give Del Rio a win right now, but at the same time it seems weird to bury Mysterio two shows in a row.    I'll say Mysterio gets a "surprise" win over Del Rio, but then Del Rio roughs him up after to show dominance over the little perro.  

Tamina Snuka vs Naomi:    Confirmed that Naomi is getting the next feud against AJ is this match happening.   Naomi should get the win, possibly from AJ Interference to set it up for the Rumble.   Seems good enough for a LOCK OF THE WEEK.

Big E Langston vs Fandango (non-title).    Still seems like they're going to run with a singlet vs singlet Ryback/Big E feud for the belt, so I say we see Big E win with Ryback coming out after, or maybe Ryback will watch as guest commentator the whole match (Ryback likes to watch)

The Real Americans vs the Usos:   Usos are on a complete roll.   Did anyone predict they'd be in the top 5 wrestlers 2 weeks into the season?   Obviously it's early but if you had the wherewithall to draft them, you've got to already be content with what they did for you even if they drop off the face of the earth.   This match I could see going either way.   Who knows with the tag division really?   Decent odds for a Wyatt appearance too.   I'll say Usos continue the roll, just because why not?

CM Punk in-ring promo:   Surely he'll call out HHH.   And Kane probably comes out and blah blah blah

Doesnt look like a very exciting show.   Hard liquor still recommended.


1.  The Usos:   I can't ignore the fact that both are in the top 3 for the season thus far.   I had a few drafts where they werent even picked up originally.   If your league is still sleeping, you should probably drop your worst guy and swoop them up.   

2.  Naomi:   As discussed above, looks like she's the next pick to challenge AJ for the Divas belt.  Even if she doesnt win, she should get built up the next few weeks as a legit challenger.

3.  Kofi Kingston:  Based on previous seasons there was no real reason to believe he'd be worth a pickup.   Then he gets a win over Orton on Raw, and has announced himself for the Rumble.   Always a solid Rumble pick as well for his yearly crazy elimination that's not an elimination trick.

4.  Chris Jericho:   Looks like he'll be back for Mania season.   Problem is that could be anytime in the next several months.   Surprise entrant in the Rumble?  Then he'd probably be worth a pickup.   Not showing up til after Elimination Chamber?   Than probably not.  Pick your poison.


1.  Natalya:   One of the odds on favorites pre-season to go against AJ for the Divas belt with a chance to win it.   Hasnt been on one show yet.   FML

2.  Brie/Nikki Bella:   Also favorites to compete for the Divas belt.   On one show, lose to Aksana, then nothing.   I really have no idea what's happening here.

3.  Curtis Axel/Wade Barrett/Brodus Clay/Dolph Ziggler/Miz:   All usually somewhat reliable for points in this game, all 0 points this season.   Okay Miz has 1 point.   It still counts as a zero in my book.




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