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Choke's WWE Raw Rant 10/6/2014. Dolph Ziggler continues his unexpected REIGN over this season

Posted by: choke Oct 7, 2014 | 987 views | 3 comments

Yes, pun intended.  In the #1 spot for the season that most of us thought would be held by Reigns throughout, Ziggler has been a dominant force in the fantasy league.  While I think most would think it's only temporary, it continued with a six man tag victory for Ziggler and the Usos.   Also, were you foolish enough to pick up Dust 2 Dust after they won the tag titles at Night of Champions?   I was!   It's absolutely killing my team right now.   Overall I found Raw to be a dismal affair.   Even though I think there's great potential for a Cena/Ambrose/Rollins feud, I can't help but think about what a waste it is to have Lesnar as the Unified champ when he can't even show his face for a full month.   Then each show it feels like we just constantly are seeing the same mish-mash of Cena/Ambrose/Rollins/Orton/Kane.   It's getting old very, very fast.

The Wyatt promos which were heavily focused on Luke Harper now shifted gears towards Rowan.   I think many were thinking originally it'd lead to a Harper solo run, but last night probably changed that.   How many weeks of these will we need to endure before they're back to inject life into a liftless tag division?   Once they are, I'll be sure to keep predicting them to win the belts of course.

It seems official that Sheamus and Ziggler just swapped opponents in Cesaro and Miz.   Can't say that development excites me much.   Rock came back to much fanfare, but what happens with Big Show now?   Will he come out to confront Rusev on Smackdown or next week's Raw and we'll forget the Rock thing ever happened?   Or will he disappear for a while?   Not sure which way I'd prefer really.

The Divas storyline didn't get any clearer, with AJ solidifying that she doesn't any friends and setting up.... well, I'm not sure what at this point.   AJ vs Alicia Fox? (who pinned her in a non-title match), AJ vs Paige AGAIN?   

Oh, and we had to see Adam Rose do something.    Dreadful.  

By the way I'm trying something different this season.    On Tuesdays I will try to post a RAW recap, Wednesday I will preview that week's Smackdown, and on Thursday I'll discuss the impending trade window opening.    I figured breaking up my normally massive weekly stories would help all of us.   


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