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Choke's WWE Smackdown 11/14/2014 Preview: Ziggler/Kidd/Cesaro in an internet smark's dream triple threat for the IC Title

Posted by: choke Nov 13, 2014 | 1154 views | 1 comments

Yes, I am said Internet Smark from the Title of this story.   Wow what a match that should be.  Of course it will probably be ruined by the Authority/Survivor Series stuff, but let's hope it gets to go on for a while beforehand.

As always these are just my PREDICTIONS as I have not read the spoilers, which is due to the fact that the wonderful posts up a non spoiler preview of the show each week.

Smackdown Preview

1.  Chris Jericho hosts the highlight reel with Stephanie and Triple H:   Bold prediction is that Chris Jericho makes fun of Triple H and Stephanie at some point during this segment

2.  Bray Wyatt vs Sin Cara:   Oh okay.   You know who will win this.   Unless of course Ambrose comes down to cause Bray the loss.   I'm sure Ambrose does show, but I'm gonna say after a Bray squash.

3.  Goldust and Stardust vs Adam Rose and the Bunny:    Hm, as I mentioned in my story about RAW yesterday, I'm not sure where they're going with the tag titles right now.   Obviously they're setting up for Rose vs the Bunny eventually, but I think they get a victory over D2D here to set up a title shot where everything will implode.

4.  Dolph Ziggler vs Tyson Kidd vs Cesaro in an elimination triple threat for the IC title:   Oh this match just looks fantastic on paper.   You've got to think their main goal out of this is the further hype Ziggler's involvment on team Cena and since there's not really any room for Cesaro or Kidd on Team Authority, we'll probably see Luke Harper come in and destroy all 3 of them, or wait until Dolph is about to win, or I guess after a Dolph win.   Yes I just proposed 8 different ways this could go.    Yeah I'll say Dolph actually retains, then Harper destroys him after.

5.  Natalya vs Layla:   Kinda like Natalya's potential for the rest of the season, particularly since Kidd is getting so much air-time lately.   Remind me to mention that in the Trade Window talk tomorrow.   Kidd could very well cost her the match, but I'll say Natalya actually wins here.

6.  Ryback vs Kane:   So the Survivor Series match breaks down like this so far, if you had to pair everyone off:    Cena vs Rollins, Henry vs Show, Rusev vs Sheamus, Ziggler vs Harper, and finally Ryback vs Kane.   So I guess it makes sense for them to try to sell us more of their "feud".   I think it also makes sense at this point to portray Ryback as the saving grace of Cena's team.   The big question, stay with me here, is do they leave us next week, before Survivor Series, with Cena's team looking strong to have the hook going into SS being that the Authority has a great chance to lose, or do they flip the switch and say, have Dolph Ziggler get destroyed right beforehand in order to have Orton take his place for the big reveal?   OR CM PUNK?   just kidding.   So yeah, at this rate, Ryback should beat Kane , to make it seem like Cena's team has the upperhand, then they have all next week to either keep that theme going or flip it on a dime before the actual PPV.

Overall:   I'm actually intrigued by most of it, but the actual matches themselves save for the triple threat don't really do it for me.    I'll go with the standard 3 shots of Jameson rating.



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