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Posted by: goukijones Oct 5, 2010 | 1100 views | 2 comments

A couple years back we ran a pretty successful fantasy wrestling league. Considering there were only 4 players. We're gonna start it up again and everyone can join. Check back here to see how the testing phase goes.

Eventually we're going to open this up to the public. We're working out a lot of kinks right now. Before we build the program and start covering Smackdown and the PPV's we've decided to just start with the RAW superstars and develop the points system.

Here's the Rosters:

Randy Orton
Wade Barret
Evan Bourne

John Cena
Daniel Bryan
John Morrison  

The Miz
William Regal  

Chris Jericho
Ted Dibiase
The Great Khali  

Mark Henry
R. Truth  

The points right now are worked out as followed. Please remember we're just building this system and this is only a test. Please leave some comments and suggetsions below.


For now we're keeping it simple.  


1 point for Winning any match

3 points for a Submission  (Make opponent submit)

2 points for a Pinfall  (Get a pinfall on opponet)

1 points for a DQ (Opponet gets disqualified)

1 point for winning a stipulation match (i.e. Battle Royal)

1 point for throwing an opponet over the top rope during a Battle Royal

1 point for interfering with another match  


Title holders:

2 points for defending a title  


So far after the first Monday Night Raw from October 4, 2010 the points are:

BatRastered - 1 

GoukiJones -  3

Choke -  6

Cinderkin -  6

FNJimmy -  7  

Big Shocker there.  


So if anybody has any suggestions or comments leave them below. If you would like to be in the next testing phase, leave a comment below as well. I'll update again after the next Monday Night Raw. Thanks for reading. 2 points for winning a title


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