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How to play in the DTB Free Online Fantasy Wrestling League

Trading and FAA in the DTB Online Fantasy Wrestling League

Matchmaking is now live on DTB!

Make sure to follow @DropTheBelt on twitter for news/info on the site.

Q: How do get points?

A: Check out the rules.

Q: How do I change my avatar?

A: Go to gravatar and upload an avatar for the email address you use to sign in to DTB.

Q: When does the next season start?

A: The current season's dates will be displayed on the home page. During the offseason, between seasons, the home page will show you the start date of the next season. All dates are subject to change but our typical schedule looks like this: WrestleMania season (1st Raw in January through WrestleMania PPV), SummerSlam Season (1st Raw after the May PPV through the SummerSlam PPV), and the Fall Classic season (First Raw after the September PPV through the TLC PPV). We try to balance the length of the seasons so there may be a week or two adjustment on any given season depending on when WWE schedules their shows.

Q: What time do you score the shows? What timezone is DTB official clock?

A: DTB HQ is in Las Vegas, which is in the Pacific Timezone (UTC-8, and -7 in DST). PPV events are scored live.

Q: When does the trade window open and close?

A: The trade window opens the morning after the Smackdown episode that week around 9am pacific. The window closes immediately before a PPV event on Sunday or before RAW on Monday if there is no PPV that week.

Q: Can you send me my password, I forgot it?

A: We don't have access to your password. You can reset your password using the forgot password form, you must have access to the email address you signed up with. An email with a reset link will be sent to you there.

Q: Something wasn't scored properly on the last show, how do I get it fixed?

A: Leave a comment on the results page for that show. Do so before the next show is scored or we might not see it or be able to fix it depending on what's happened since. If there was a controversial decision, or missed match, leave a link to the results page for that match too.

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